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Physical Education


Visual Arts

Chinese (Mandarin)

Science (STEM)

Physical Education

At Beechboro Christian School, we firmly believe in the significance of physical development for our students.

That’s why we ensure that every student actively engages in a diverse range of sports and physical activities. Through these enjoyable experiences, they not only learn and master fundamental movement skills but also develop major muscle groups and core strength, nurturing a lifelong commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our commitment to fostering physical development goes beyond merely teaching sports. We aim to instil in our students a passion for staying active and embracing physical fitness as an integral part of their overall well-being. By participating in sports, they not only build physical strength but also cultivate essential values like teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

At Beechboro Christian School, we recognise the integral role that physical activity plays in a student’s holistic growth. We are dedicated to empowering each child to lead a balanced and fulfilling life, where they are not only academically successful but also physically fit, emotionally resilient, and spiritually enriched.


Music holds a special place in the heart of Beechboro Christian School, infusing our classrooms with energy and joy, while allowing students to express their inner selves freely.

Integrating music into our curriculum fosters concentration and perseverance, challenging students to think both analytically and creatively. Music education not only enriches their academic experience but also fulfills their social, emotional, moral, spiritual, and aesthetic needs.

Through music and choral experiences, students embark on a journey of spiritual growth. They are introduced to songs that express an awareness of God, nurturing a sense of worship and wonder. Music becomes a pathway to strengthen their spiritual beings.

Throughout the Primary School years, students actively engage in singing, listening, playing instruments, and performing. We enhance their music education by incorporating technology and providing access to music composition and notation programs, encouraging their creativity to flourish. Our Year 3 Strings program gives our all of our students an opportunity to learn an instrument and to play in one of our string ensembles.

For those students who excel in music, we offer the opportunity to audition for the esteemed “Little Voices” (Years 2-3) and “Beechboro Voices” (Years 4-6) choirs. These choirs have the privilege of performing publicly at various events, such as the Easter service, ANZAC Day assembly, Christmas concert, and the annual SCEA Junior Choral Fest.

Music at Beechboro Christian School is not merely an extracurricular activity; it is a vital part of our students’ holistic development. It fosters creativity, enriches their souls, and allows them to use their voices to connect with others and with God. Through music, we celebrate the harmony of learning and spiritual growth, nurturing well-rounded individuals who are empowered to shine their light in the world.

Visual Arts

At Beechboro Christian School, our Art Program is thoughtfully crafted to allow students to explore and uncover the seven elements of art: Colour, Shape, Form, Space, Line, Texture, and Value.

Each element is celebrated and challenges students to excel, fostering a deep appreciation for creativity.

Through our art program, students are encouraged to think critically, engaging in the process of creating something entirely new and unique. It brings them immense joy to witness their creations come to life, instilling a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Beyond artistic expression, our art program promotes reflection and introspection. Students learn to appreciate the profound impact that art can have on their emotions and thoughts. It encourages them to respond thoughtfully and purposefully in their artistic practices.

More than just developing artistic skills, our art program nurtures a connection with God’s creation. Students are exposed to the beauty and order of God’s world, understanding that every object or artwork has the capacity to proclaim truth and celebrate His goodness.

At BCS, we believe that the art is a medium through which our students can connect with the divine, explore their creativity, and celebrate the wonder of God’s creation. Through our Art Program, we strive to cultivate a lifelong appreciation for art and its ability to inspire, uplift, and glorify our Creator.

Chinese (Mandarin)

The ability to communicate in languages beyond English is a priceless skill for our students, as it fosters a profound appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures and nationalities.

At BCS, our primary aim is to use language education as a means to expand our students’ horizons, allowing them to embrace our ever more interconnected world, fostering meaningful relationships, and demonstrating how communication can be a powerful source of blessing to others.

With a richly international culture at BCS, we provide our students with the opportunity to explore the beauty of Mandarin Chinese, both written and spoken. Through this language learning journey, students not only gain linguistic proficiency but also gain insights into the vibrant tapestry of Chinese culture.

By delving into Chinese culture, our students develop a deep respect and understanding for others, embracing diverse perspectives and appreciating how heritage and culture shape worldviews, values, and individual identities. This enriching experience instils in them a sense of global citizenship and a readiness to engage with the world in an empathetic and compassionate manner.

Through our language and cultural programs, we nurture open-minded, compassionate, and culturally sensitive individuals who are equipped to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world. At BCS, we celebrate the richness of our global community and empower our students to become agents of positive change and understanding.

Science (STEM)

At Beechboro Christian School, we believe that science is not just a subject to be studied from books; it’s a fascinating journey of exploration and discovery.

Our exceptional science program is designed to ignite students’ curiosity and passion for the wonders of the natural world.

In our science classes, students don’t merely read about scientific concepts; they experience them firsthand through immersive and hands-on learning experiences. From conducting exciting experiments to engaging in real-world applications, our students actively participate in the scientific process. They hypothesise, observe, analyse data, and draw conclusions, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills that extend far beyond the classroom.

Through our approach, students learn that science is not just a collection of facts, but a way of thinking and understanding the world that God has created. We nurture a culture of inquiry, where students are encouraged to ask questions, explore their ideas, and make exciting discoveries.