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Igniting Futures, Embracing Faith: Beechboro Christian School - A Proud member of Swan Christian Education Association’s transformative schools!

At Beechboro Christian School, we are proud to be part of the Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA), Western Australia’s largest independent Christian school provider. With a rich history dating back over 30 years, SCEA has grown to own and operate seven schools in Perth, all committed to providing Christ-centred education that shapes and grows future generations.

As leaders in education, SCEA constantly explores innovative approaches and opportunities to expand its reach, aiming to provide Christ-centred education locally, nationally, and globally. By being part of this dynamic association, our school benefits from a wealth of extra resources, including educational consultation, professional development, human resources, finance, maintenance, risk management, information and communication technology, and marketing support. SCEA also fosters cross-school initiatives and events, creating exciting opportunities for our students throughout the year.

The governance of SCEA is overseen by a dedicated Board of Directors, ensuring that the association’s vision and mission align with our school’s values and goals. Our affiliation with SCEA empowers us to focus on our core mission of educating students while benefitting from the collective strength and expertise of a larger organisation.

To learn more about the extraordinary work of SCEA and the impact it has on our school and community, we invite you to visit the SCEA website. Together, we embrace the shared commitment to providing exceptional Christ-centred education that empowers students to thrive and make a positive impact on the world.

Annual Report

Beechboro Christian School publishes an annual report on the previous calendar year. 


The SCEA Public Policies applicable to Beechboro Christian College can be accessed HERE