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Before & After School Care

Camp Australia – Guiding children’s growth through experiences they love.

At Beechboro Christian School, we take pride in offering a Before and After School Care option, delivered by Camp Australia. Through this program, Camp Australia provide children with a safe and nurturing environment to explore, play, and grow, utilising our school facilities.

The Camp Australia program is thoughtfully designed to strike the perfect balance between support and fun-filled activities, catering to children both before and after school hours.

Camp Australia’s Before and After School Care program goes above and beyond to engage young minds with a range of educational activities that spark curiosity and foster creativity. From stimulating games to hands-on projects, they encourage children to discover their interests and passions.

Of course, being a kid means having fun! Therefore, their program ensures ample time for children to play, explore, and share special moments with friends. Within this nurturing environment, they create lasting memories and friendships, enriching their school years.

In line with Beechboro Christian School’s commitment to promoting healthy habits, Camp Australia provide nutritious snacks to keep children energised and ready for all the exciting activities ahead.

Camp Australia. Guiding children's growth.

Camp Australia – Guiding Children’s Growth

We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program.

Camp Australia programs are centred on child enrichment, while ensuring a reliable, engaging and hassle-free OSHC service at our school. Their engaged educators foster a safe, inclusive environment where children can relax, have fun and grow.

Your OSHC. OSHC that inspires.

Your OSHC – OSHC that inspires

At Your OSHC by Camp Australia, every before school and after school program is tailored to the likes and interests of each child in service. Camp Australia’s educators design enriching experiences to inspire your children’s confidence, independence and imagination. In any one week, they could be participating in science experiments, active play, creative expression and more - they believe in learning through experience so that each child can grow.

Click here to find out more about Camp Australia's program at our school, including hours of operation and fees. To attend care, you must register your child. Register now for free.

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Phone: 1300 105 343