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Parents in Partnership Committee

Beechboro Christian School's Parents in Partnership Committee is a close-knit group of parents working together with the best intentions of our students in mind.

The goals of the  Parents in Partnership Committee are  to:

  • Build partnerships between the school and with parents
  • Plan events, bring parents together and grow a spirit of partnership between parents and the school to support student growth and development.
  • Serve the parent group and the school, playing a significant role in building community and school culture.
  • Promote a positive and inclusive school community
  • Form sub-committees to undertake specific tasks, for example:
    • Provide advice to the committee on some issues
    • Fundraising with a particular purpose
    • Surveying parents on areas that will help to promote and strengthen the partnership between parents and the school
    • Organise and implement community engagement activities
  • Agree to expenditure of any funds raised by the committee, aligned with the school priorities and areas targeted in agreement with the Principal

Parents interested in representing their class and serving on the Parents in Partnership Committee should contact the Principals PA, Mrs Nicole Campbell on