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Music plays an integral part in school life at Beechboro Christian School, as it brings energy and joy into the classroom and encourages expression for the inner being. The integration of music into the classroom promotes the development of concentration and perseverance while challenging students to think analytically and creatively.

Music education assists in fulfilling the social, emotional, moral, spiritual and aesthetic requirements of the curriculum. Music and Choral experiences also act as a pathway to strengthen their spiritual beings as they are introduced to music and songs that express an awareness of God and a sense of worship and wonder.

Throughout the Primary School years, students participate in singing, listening, playing instruments and performing. Their music education is enhanced by the use of technology and access to  music composition and notation programs which encourage creativity.

Students who excel in music have the opportunity to audition to be a part of the “Little Voices” (Years 2-3) and “Beechboro Voices” (Years 4-6). The choirs perform publicly at a variety of events throughout the year, such as the Easter service, ANZAC Day assembly and Christmas concert; as well as the annual SCEA Junior Choral Fest.