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Beechboro Christian School boasts a broad representation of cultures within our student body, as we welcome people from all walks of life. This brings a unique sense of learning to our school and community. Our students have the opportunity to learn the Japanese language, which not only teaches them the valuable skill of being able to communicate in another language but also allows them the chance to reflect on and appreciate another culture.

Beechboro Christian School is progressively aligning our Languages program with the new Western Australian Curriculum for Japanese which focuses on:

Socialising - the back and forth of language in spoken and written form.

Informing - gaining information from and also creating one’s own information texts.

Creating - engaging with and creating or recreating their own imaginative books.

Systems of Language - grammar and vocabulary. 

Our students are exposed to a variety of Japanese publications, such as picture books, songs, drama and advertisements. Key vocabulary is also taught with Auslan gestures to aid the retention of new words. Throughout the year, our students participate in Japanese cultural activities such as origami, calligraphy, cooking and dancing.