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Sydney and Canberra Trip

The Sydney/Canberra Trip is a highlight for the Year 6 students at Beechboro Christian School. The students have many wonderful experiences and learn in ways that the classroom cannot facilitate.

The trip evolved from the long standing tradition within all SCEA schools to establish strong civics and citizenship within our students.  The Australian Government supports this teaching program by partially funding students to visit our capital city.

The school considers this annual trip an important aspect of the final year within primary school.  The trip provides students with an opportunity to develop the independence necessary for secondary school, consolidate key learning from the curriculum and reinforce the value of national pride.

The trip is extensively linked to classroom learning throughout the year.  Students explore Australia's history, including political, cultural and key historical events.

Beginning in Sydney, students explore the discovery of Australia, including the struggles the early colonists and convicts faced when settling in the colony.  This is illustrated by a tour of 'The Rocks', Sydney.  Students also visit key significant Australian landmarks in Sydney and discuss how these icons are recognised around the world today.

From Sydney they travel to Canberra and visit our great Nation's capital.  Canberra is a focal point of the trip.  The students are given the opportunity to participate in political debates in New Parliament House, explore Old Parliament House, reflect at the Australian War Memorial and have fun with Science at Questacon.

The trip continues from Canberra to the Snowy Mountains to have fun in the glorious snowfields.  We spend a day building snowmen, tobogganing and having snow fights.  Students always claim the day in the snow to be the highlight of their trip.