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Year 1 Excursion to Caversham Wildlife Park

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On Monday 17th August 2020 the Year One classes went to visit Caversham Wildlife Park. We excitedly climbed onto the bus and headed off on our first excursion this year. When we arrived we found a place to leave our bags but we had to be careful to close them up tight so the crows didn’t try to snack on our lunch. 

 First, we went to feed the Kangaroos. They felt soft and tickly as they ate from our hands. After that, we explored the Park with our Parent Helpers before going to the Farm Show. 

At the Farm Show, we saw a beautiful and some clever dogs round up the sheep. Hayley had the chance to feed some lambs. They were very thirsty, and you had to hold the bottle tightly. One of our Parent Helpers, Mr  Al Yassapi tried to swing the billy can around without dropping any water. Mrs Vaneet Kaur was very brave to try to crack the Stock Whip. She discovered it was harder than it looks. 

 Next, we went to the Wombat and Friends Show where we were able to see the animals up close. Unfortunately, we could not touch them but it was great to see them up close.

 After that we went to visit the Koalas, it was so exciting to get up close and touch them. Their fur was soft and fluffy. 

 Then we had our lunch and continued to discover new things about Australian animals. Some groups watched the Penguins being fed. They were not very hungry. 

Finally, we climbed onto the bus to return to school. Thank you to all our parent helpers for attending the Excursion with us. We had an amazing day touching and feeding some incredible Australia animals. 

Mrs Munday and Miss Farleigh