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School Uniform Policy

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Beechboro Christian School

Uniform Standard


  • Polo shirt with school monogram
  • Jacket with school monogram
  • Shorts with school monogram
  • Track pants with school monogram
  • Skorts with school monogram (girls optional only)
  • Socks – school issue only
  • Hat with school monogram
  • Black leather or vinyl sneakers with no other dominant colour allowed. ‘Volleys’ or other cotton-looking shoes are not acceptable.  Sneakers may have black laces or Velcro straps.
  • Sunglasses are permitted during breaks


Please note:

-        Uniform items are only available from the school.

-        Students are permitted to wear scarves, gloves and winter coats of any colour before and after school but not during class or breaks.

-        Items of clothing such as singlets can be worn underneath the uniform but they cannot be visible.

-        Clothing items must be clean and in good condition.

-        Students without a school hat are restricted to play in the under-covered area.



  • Hair should be neat and clean. Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied with plain navy blue or teal green coloured bands.  Other hair accessories such as ribbons must also be navy blue or teal green. Fancy clips and other hair decorations are not acceptable.
  • As a general guide hair should not be shorter than an all over “No. 2”. Unnaturally coloured hair or other fad hairstyles (such as line work) are not acceptable.
  • Fringes must be out of eyes for boys and girls.
  • Head coverings must be navy blue or teal green.



  • Earrings - One pair of plain gold or silver studs or sleepers is permitted.
  • Watches are permitted
  • No other jewellery should be visible unless for religious purposes (such as a cross or kara)

 Parents of students who breach the standard will be notified via email. A sufficient amount of time will be provided to rectify such breaches.

 As an incentive to following the standard, faction points are given during scheduled and random uniform checks.