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Principals Induction Assembly

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On Wednesday, 12 August, we hosted our first school assembly since the Covid lockdown and it was a special occasion.

 Principal Mike Bolan, who has held numerous leadership positions at Beechboro Christian School and Ellenbrook Christian College over a number of years, was formally inducted as Principal of Beechboro Christian School by SCEA’s CEO Dr Graeme Cross.

 A recent initiative of Mr Bolan’s was to create a giant jigsaw puzzle for all of the students and give them each a piece when the school was separated into ‘learning from home’ conditions.  The school is now together and the jigsaw is once again complete, demonstrating the strong level of community that exists in the multicultural environment of Beechboro Christian School.

 “My piece of the jigsaw is in there,” said Mr Bolan to the gathered student and parents following some excellent musical items led by Diane Durham.

 “It is no bigger than anyone else’s and it fits in somewhere along with everyone else’s.”

SCEA CEO Dr Graeme Cross spoke of ‘passing the baton’ and used the analogy of a relay team which works together to achieve great things.  The Ethiopian athlete Haile Gebrselassie inspired the people of his home country each time he ran his Olympic races.  

 Our leaders and teachers can inspire students with how they lead and model excellent behaviour.