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Grandparents Day

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Grandparents Day was a wonderful occasion, and our students loved learning about things that their Grandparents used daily, such as a paperback Dictionary or a Record Player. Many students also dressed up as their Grandparents and embraced the occasion with white hair, walking sticks, and one student even used a zimmer frame for the day.

 The Antiques Roadshow was a huge hit; the students were fascinated that some of the items on display were 100 plus years old or required manual labour and time to create a hole using a manual drill. There was also an abundance of old photographs, irons that needed to be warmed up on the fire or a Rotary Dial telephone.

Once the Antiques Roadshow finished, the students and their Grandparents descended on the School oval and enjoyed a picnic lunch together.

Throughout the day, we remembered the Grandparents who could not be with us as they live overseas or on the east coast of Australia.

 Thank you to all of the Grandparents who attended our Grandparents Day and enjoyed the time at school with their Grandchildren.

 The Year 2 students have written a poem about their Grandparents:

Granny and Grandpa you are the best,

you always shine brighter than the rest.

Grandma loves roses,

Grandpa does poses.

But what they love most

Is a letter from me in the post.

 Aliana - Year 2.2


In my house you’ll find

A grandma that is kind.

My Grandma’s smile

Makes me run a mile.

Her lovely plants

Want to make me dance.

Sebastian - Year 2.2

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