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From the Deputy Principal

Found in: Leadership Blog

At this week’s staff meeting, we reflected on how we, as a school, had responded to the shifted learning landscape that resulted from COVID. We were able to identify many positives which came about from the changes and also a number of take forwards; one of which was the increase in students’ levels of independence. This was seen in the way our youngest students separated from parents in the mornings, siblings took care of each other and gains in technical understanding and time management skills by our older students.

Growing a child’s independence is one of the greatest gifts that parents and educators can give and one which allows children to grasp how capable they really are. An absolute favourite quote of mine is this one which I believe captures exactly how we can lovingly and gracefully support our precious children:                         


Roots provide a sense of anchor, security and stability so that children know that whatever happens and whatever mistakes they will, inevitably make, they will always be loved and cherished by God and by their family.    

And wings – through the development of independence – help our children soar high and hopefully, over time, grow into resilient, confident, discerning young adults.

Often, it is us as adults who put a ceiling on our children’s learning because we don’t think they have the maturity or capability to do certain things. Certainly, this is sometimes the case, but each child is unique and matures at different rates in different ways.

So, next time your child asks you to do something for them or solve a problem, consider whether they could benefit from having a go themselves. They might just surprise you and fly.